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Care Expert

Care Expert Spotlight – Nicole G.

Meet Nicole, a Backup Care Specialist with a background in working with children with special needs and caring for a loved one with an addiction.

Care Expert

Care Expert Spotlight – Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth, a Care Coordinator who works with vulnerable populations, mental health, and families navigating situations involving substance use.

Care Expert

Care Expert Spotlight – Cori

Meet Cori, a Care Coordinator with experience in eldercare, crisis management, and long-term trauma from a car accident.

A picture of two men on a couch having a discussion.
Caregiving Tips End of Life Mental Health

Coping with anticipatory grief

Grief is often thought of as an emotional response to losing someone we love, but it shows up in more ways than one.

This is a picture of a doctor talking with a couple across a table.
Caregiving Tips Healthcare

Tips for being a healthcare advocate

Advocating for yourself or your loved ones when faced with healthcare situations can help ensure the best outcomes. But it isn’t easy.

Care Expert

Care Expert Spotlight – Ashley

Meet Ashley, a Care Adviser who has a background in education and mental health in all ages, as well as personal experience with Parkinson’s.

Care Expert

Care Expert Spotlight – Leigh

Meet Leigh Greenhaw, a Care Coordinator at Wellthy, with a background in home health, speech-language pathology, and geriatrics.

Care Expert

Care Expert Spotlight – Teresa

Meet Teresa, a Care Coordinator with a background in geriatrics, in-home support, home placement, and supporting her sister through colon cancer.

A photo of two woman sitting on a couch looking and smiling at a laptop screen together.
Aging Caregiving Financial

Understanding the ABCD's of Medicare

By understanding the differences between each Part of Medicare, you can ensure you’re choosing the right plan and lowering costs.

A parent working from home on their laptop with their child watching in the background.
Caregiving Company Culture Employee Benefits

Wellthy's care support for any work model

No matter the work model, Wellthy’s care concierge support provides peace of mind when balancing caregiving responsibilities with a career.

Care Expert

Care Expert Spotlight – Kristin

Meet Kristin, a Care Coordinator with clinical experience as an occupational therapist specializing in neurologic injuries such as strokes and TBIs.

Care Expert

Care Expert Spotlight – Sandrea

Meet Sandrea, a Care Coordinator who specializes in childcare and executive functioning, with personal experience caring for aging family members.

Two LGBTQ+ parents reading a bedtime story with their child
Caregiving DEI

How Wellthy supports LGBTQ+ care

Our care experts listen to needs, find affirmative providers, and advocate on members’ behalf to ensure they receive the care from someone they can...

A graphic showing the Wellthy Care Planning interface on a phone with the text 'Introducing Care Planning.'
Product Wellthy Updates

Care Planning by Wellthy

Wellthy today announced the launch of “Care Planning,” an innovative new experience that will help millions plan ahead for caring for their loved...

Two men in sportswear high-fiving outside with a chain-link fence in the background.
Caregiving Tips Family

How to Live a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

Wellthy’s team of caregiving experts shared some healthy habits you can work into daily activities to keep you and your loved one’s hearts ticking...

Care Expert

Care Expert Spotlight — Gina

Meet Gina, a Care Coordinator and former nurse with personal experience as a sandwich generation caregiver, caring for two children with autism.

A graphic showing screenshots from the three video interviews linked in the post – on the left is Nicole, in the middle is Kathy, and on the right is James.
Employee Benefits Family

Wellthy members share their stories

Hear about how Wellthy members have been supported by our care concierge service to navigate care scenarios across different life stages.

A photo of Wellthy CEO Lindsay Jurist-Rosner sitting on-stage alongside Jenny Abramson and Elizabeth Gore at the CES conference.
Employers Retention Women

Wellthy takes the stage at CES

Wellthy CEO, Lindsay Jurist-Rosner, joined a keynote session at CES to talk about some of the most pressing workforce issues in a rapidly changing...

Care Expert

Care Expert Spotlight — Effie

Meet Effie, a Care Adviser specializing in helping families with housing tasks, especially for those going through dementia-related challenges.

Care Expert

Care Expert Spotlight — Kirsten

Meet Kirsten, a Care Coordinator who understands the complexity of caregiving, haven been the primary caregiver for two of her grandparents.

Care Expert

Care Expert Spotlight — Carla

Meet Carla, a Wellthy Care Adviser who specializes in supporting families with administrative and logistical tasks related to medical care.

Coworkers in a large meeting space laughing.
Company Culture Employee Benefits

Companies that care support caregivers

PEOPLE Magazine and Great Place to Work recently revealed their 2022 “100 Companies that Care” list. One thing that's clear: companies that care are...

A close-up photo showing an elderly person leaning on their worker with their caregiver gently holding their right hand and arm.
Mental Health Wellthy Updates

The invisible and isolated caregiver

I spent decades as my mother's caregiver and while many moments were intensely gratifying and special, there were many moments that I felt invisible...

Care Expert

Care Expert Spotlight — Melanie

Meet Melanie, a Care Adviser Team Lead with experience in housing and Veterans Affairs, as well as caring for her father with dementia.

Person playing chess with their grandchild
Aging Caregiving Tips

Activities to keep the brain engaged

In honor of Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, Wellthy’s care experts have shared their favorite (and fun!) activities to keep the brain engaged.

Care Expert Wellthy Updates

Care Expert Spotlight — Azusena

Meet Azusena, a Care Adviser who specializes in Veteran Support and enjoys learning about social contributors to health.

An illustration of four coworkers sitting around a table with the text 'Introducing Wellthy Community.'
Mental Health Wellthy Updates

Introducing Wellthy Community

No one should have to tackle care alone. Wellthy Community is a social space where members can find support, share experiences, and exchange...

A close-up photo of two people holding hands with a blurred green grass background.
Caregiving Tips Family

6 signs you're a family caregiver

Family caregivers don’t always see how essential they are to the spouse, parent, child, extended family member or friend they care for. Consider...

Person on the phone while exiting a car
Caregiving Tips

Tips for caregiving from afar

Caregiving from a distance comes with a unique set of challenges, but the miles of separation don’t have to affect the quality of care they receive.

A family sitting on a bench overlooking the ocean.
Caregiving Tips Financial Legal

The legal and financial conversation

The “talk” can be intimidating, but these conversations are some of the first steps families can take in order to prepare for future unknowns.

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