How Wellthy supports LGBTQ+ care

Members of the LGBTQ+ community can lean on Wellthy’s care experts to listen to their needs, find affirmative providers, and advocate to ensure they receive the care they need from someone they can trust.

Here are just some ways Wellthy helps the LGBTQ+ community in each care domain.


  • Locating providers that are LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Identifying gender-affirmative medical doctors
  • Advocating for gender affirmation surgery authorization
  • Assisting with procedures and prior authorizations


  • Exploring mental health resources
  • Locating community and workplace support groups
  • Evaluating mental and behavioral health providers that specialize in LGBTQ+ needs
  • Finding counseling and support groups for transgender individuals and their families
  • Sharing specialized resources and information


  • Appealing insurance denials for certain procedures related to gender affirmation (i.e. gathering medical records and handling requests for letters on behalf of a
    care recipient)
  • Guiding the application process for adoption and fertility grants

Family Services

  • Navigating access to external fertility and adoption resources
  • Identifying and vetting post-adoption resource