Wellthy Updates

Wellthy named a 2023 “Well-Being Trailblazer”

Wellthy has been designated a 2023 “Well-Being Trailblazer” by Archetype and the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA). Presented by Archetype and the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA), this prestigious award celebrates Wellthy’s contributions to the well-being industry and our commitment to transforming workplace wellness.

“Working caregivers today face so many challenges in balancing care for their loved ones and care for themselves, on top of life’s other responsibilities,” said Lindsay Jurist-Rosner, CEO and Co-founder of Wellthy. “This recognition from Archetype and WELCOA is a testament to our team’s dedication to help families focus on love over healthcare logistics. We’re honored to be considered a Well-Being Trailblazer, and heartened each and every day to know that our work changes the lives of working caregivers and helps them lead healthier, less stressful, more engaged lives.”

Ian Fitzpatrick, Chief Strategy Officer at Archetype, said that this year’s award winners are pioneers in changing the way workplaces think about well-being.

"These remarkable companies are leading the way in transforming the well-being landscape, and we have full confidence that they will continue to drive positive change in the sphere of workplace well-being,” said Fitzpatrick. “Their innovative approaches and unwavering commitment to improving employee well-being are shaping the future of the industry."

Wellthy currently covers nearly 2 million employee lives with caregiving benefits, and works with 30 Fortune 500 companies to offer care benefits to their teams. Earlier this year, Wellthy’s impact in building a healthier workplace was recognized by Fast Company, as we were named one of the magazine’s top 10 “Most Innovative Workplace Companies” for 2023.

This year’s Well-Being Trailblazer Award adds yet another milestone recognition for Wellthy, as we work to redefine the category of care, and build a concierge service for employees that combines innovative technology with best-in-class caregiving expertise from trained professionals.

You can view this year’s list of Well-Being Trailblazer Award winners at this link.