Caregiving Tips



Tips for juggling multiple care responsibilities

Caring for loved ones with multiple needs, or more than one loved one, all while caring for yourself can feel like an overwhelming juggling act. Whether you're supporting aging parents, a spouse with an illness, a child or teen, or have several loved ones requiring assistance, these tips can help you manage multiple care tasks, reduce stress, and avoid burnout.

Prioritize and delegate

Make a list of all the recurring tasks required and determine which ones absolutely must be handled by you versus what could potentially be delegated to others. Don't be afraid to ask family members, friends, or paid services to pitch in with appropriate duties.

Seek simplicity

Look for ways to streamline your routine and daily responsibilities. Meal prepping, setting up automatic bill pay, and online shopping can free up time. Focus on accomplishing must-do items and let go of perfectionistic tendencies about keeping an immaculate house.

Rally a support system 

You can't do it all alone. Build a network of people you can call on for respite care, rides, meals, or just a listening ear during tough days. Join a local caregiver support group to connect with others facing similar challenges.

Manage time effectively

Create a weekly calendar and schedule breaks, just as you would a medical appointment. During scheduled recharge times, participate in a beloved hobby or simply rest. Use a day planner or app to stay organized.


Care shouldn’t be something you tackle alone. Our team of care experts helps families consider all aspects of care (medical, housing, in-home, financial) during all phases of life – from building and raising a family, to caring for aging, managing mental health, and keeping up with routine healthcare needs.

You can get more customized, personalized advice about managing multiple care tasks by opening a Care Project today and being matched with a Care Coordinator.