Caregiving Tips

Tips for caregiving from afar

Caring for a loved one from a distance comes with a unique set of challenges, but the miles of separation don’t have to affect the quality of care they receive. Our care experts shared tips for family caregivers who live far away from the person they are caring for.

Plan for the unexpected

Being there in person for your loved one in the event of an emergency may not be feasible when living far away. That’s why it’s essential to set up a plan with someone nearby who can be there on short notice. This may mean hiring a local care professional just in case, or relying on trusted family members, neighbors, or friends who live in the area.

Get comfortable with technology

Today, one of the best ways to communicate with someone far away is through video call platforms. Frequent and quality communication is fundamental to long-distance caregiving, so getting familiar with these tools will help you and your loved one keep in close touch. Fortunately, many living facilities and community centers host workshops to teach aging individuals how to use this technology.

Maintain necessary documents

While it’s crucial for you to have all of your loved one’s information on file, it’s important that they do, too. Ensure they have copies of all their insurance cards, social security information, medical forms as well as any wills or other essential information in the event of an emergency.

Stay in the know

If possible, ask your loved one to be put on all medical providers HIPAA forms so that you can ask for and report information on their behalf. Also listing a local caregiver or anyone else in your loved one’s support system on these forms will prevent challenges to get and report necessary medical information with one another.