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With 37 million Americans providing unpaid eldercare, Wellthy eyes further expansion into health plans

As the U.S. caregiving burden continues to rise — 14 percent of the entire U.S. population is now providing unpaid eldercare to a loved one — Wellthy announced that it is expanding its solution with health plans, leveraging nearly a decade of experience and tangible ROI with employers to reach millions of families on the frontlines of today’s caregiving crisis.

“The future of caregiving is care concierge,” said Lindsay Jurist-Rosner, CEO and co-founder of Wellthy. “We are witnessing the most seismic population shifts in U.S. history, as every day for the next decade 10,000 people will turn 65 years old. More than 70% will need long-term care support as this population lives longer than any generation before it — and Wellthy has proven that we have the fully integrated solutions necessary to provide these families with comprehensive care infrastructure.”

Wellthy shared its announcement as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released new data showing that 37.1M Americans are providing unpaid eldercare support to an aging parent or loved one. For years Wellthy has been the market leader in caregiving support for employers, working with more than 150 companies including 30 Fortune 500 companies, and its number one use case has been aging-related care — support that has been pivotal for thousands of Wellthy members.

"Our Wellthy Care Coordinator was a godsend to our family in this time of crisis. They were instrumental in not only educating us on the options for eldercare, but interacting with all the doctors, nurses, and facilities,” said Wellthy member Nathan. “Wellthy's Care Team was able to break it down and help us understand the best options. They did a great job communicating on all their conversations with the various people on the journey of my dad's care. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and high-touch."

Wellthy is now building on this legacy and the depth of knowledge and impact from completing over 100,000 caregiving tasks for families to expand support to health plan members. Its initial areas of focus will include:

  • Dementia Caregiving Support: Dementia is the number one issue members turn to Wellthy for support with — 1 in 9 Americans are affected by dementia, caregivers provide 18 billion hours of dementia-related care annually, and 25 percent of all dementia caregivers delay or avoid taking care of their own health needs. Wellthy’s Care Experts are able to help members understand the early signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia, and help families navigate care of their loved ones and themselves holistically — particularly crucial for spouses caring for partners with dementia, who are more than 40 percent more likely to experience frailty and negative health outcomes during their time as a dementia caregiver;
  • Companion Care to Support the Family Circle: High-quality and high-touch support for family caregivers by Wellthy’s social work and care team to reduce loneliness and isolation, encourage preventative health for care recipients and caregivers, drive adoption of digital health resources available through health plans, and diminish caregiver stress and burnout. Wellthy’s current “Net Promoter Score” from members is a world-class 85+, driven by a foundational mission to support family circles of care — the cornerstone of care in the home;
  • In-Home Support Services Sourcing: Leveraging Wellthy’s innovative technology and data to provide families a vast network of vetted, reliable, trusted in-home support vendors, and to provide families resources and solutions for affordable housing, food, financial aid, medication discounts, supplies, equipment, and much more.

Wellthy’s Vice President of Health Plans, Darin Moore, added that Wellthy’s care concierge solution will help drive unprecedented impact for health plans — keeping members healthy, driving customer satisfaction, providing families care at the right time and place, and ensuring that care services equally assist members with limited resources.

“By partnering with health plan members and caregivers, Wellthy will provide personalized support that not only improves the care experience for millions of aging Americans and their loved ones, it will drive higher satisfaction and empower members to better manage health journeys for themselves and those they care for more effectively,” said Moore.

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