Wellthy Updates

Harnessing the power of AI through Wellthy Copilot

Here at Wellthy, we see it as our responsibility to think about what our footprint is in an AI-first world. There’s no denying that artificial intelligence (AI) is disrupting countless sectors today, including the digital health space, in ways that show amazing promise and potential, and in ways that are challenging and perhaps complicated to navigate.

AI will never replace the magic that lies at the heart of Wellthy – our deep, unyielding commitment to providing family caregivers with unparalleled care concierge services to navigate any and all care situations.

But AI can help supercharge the incredible human expertise at our company’s core.

Introducing Wellthy Copilot

Wellthy Copilot – a term we’re using to capture our portfolio of AI advancements – harnesses the power of AI to enhance and optimize our care concierge, giving Wellthy members the highest quality and most personalized level of support available in the market. And we’ve already started to release several features under Wellthy Copilot as we strive to pair AI developments with our world-class human expertise for caregivers.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis will help our Care Team — the experts who work on the frontlines every day to support our members with caregiving tasks — get a quicker and better understanding of the tone behind member messages. This means that when a Wellthy member messages their Care Coordinator, AI will immediately register the sentiment of that message and determine if it's positive, neutral, or negative.

If someone is expressing frustration about a doctor’s appointment, an unexpected diagnosis, or anxiety over a healthcare bill — to name a few examples — Sentiment Analysis flags this for expedient action, allowing our Care Team to respond more urgently and efficiently to these members in need.

And what’s uniquely fun about this new development: this product feature was born during a Wellthy product team hackathon! These hackathons are something our team does regularly to drive innovation, so what began as a scrappy idea a few months ago has now become Wellthy’s first AI feature. The end result will help so many members get incredible care support when they need it most.

Message Enhancements

A second practical AI feature we’ve built is called Message Enhancements, with the aim of taking our member communications to the next level.

We have long wanted to give our Care Team (communicating directly with family caregivers) the types of tools that enable them to send the most readable, grammatically perfect, and accessible messages. Our standards for security and privacy have made adding these tools challenging, but with our generative AI Message Enhancements feature, we now have a solution to ensure the best possible communication between our team and the families we work with every day.

Moving forward with AI

These two features are just the beginning for how we’re thinking about AI here at Wellthy, and how we see AI having both direct and indirect effects on those caring for loved ones.

Wellthy's foundation is built on a commitment to empowering people to take better care of themselves and their families. By moving at the forefront of AI, we're embracing the kind of innovation that will undoubtedly reshape the care sector in the days, months, and years to come.

In their recent chapter of “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Care Economy,” The Holding Co. put a spotlight on AI and care and talked about how transformative AI could be for care concierges like Wellthy.

“Care concierge is being presented with a fascinating scenario in which we can learn how best to integrate AI and human interactions, giving our concierges more space for high touch experiences while increasing efficiency to reach even more people,” they write.

We see the same potential. AI will never replace the human connection and expertise that is baked into Wellthy’s mission. But we’re so excited for the ways it will provide fuel for our teams, and excited for the doors opening under Wellthy Copilot today.