Caregiving Tips



Juggling care duties with holiday cheer

While the holiday season brings joyful traditions, it can also add stressors, especially for those with family care responsibilities. Here are some helpful tips for balancing those responsibilities with holiday merriment during the final weeks of the year.

Preparing meals

Cooking elaborate holiday feasts can be a major undertaking when also caring for a loved one. Simplify by scaling down menus or rallying others to contribute dishes. Prep work can be done in stages ahead of time. And don't be afraid to take shortcuts with premade items or a catered main course.

Entertaining guests

Excited visitors descending all at once may over-excite or overwhelm a loved one who needs extra care and support. Stagger arrivals, build in quiet breaks, and make them part of familiar routines. Assign a relative to provide companionship and monitoring.

Difficult conversations 

Your aunt’s comments or political banter with your uncle can quickly ruin the celebratory mood. Have a signal to politely change the subject. You may need to pull problematic conversationalists aside for a calm chat about appropriate topics.

Observing health declines

It can be painful seeing an aging loved one's deteriorating condition after periods apart. Managing expectations helps - review their current abilities and care needs ahead of reunions. Celebrate remaining strengths and make new transitional memories.

Self-care setbacks

Between shopping, decorating, care duties, and entertaining, self-care easily falls by the wayside. Whenever possible, press pause and prioritize basics like nutritious meals, restorative sleep, and momentary reprieves for recharging. An exhausted, frazzled caregiver helps no one.

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