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Wellthy members share their stories

Care looks different for every family. While no two journeys are the same, family caregivers face similar challenges in navigating care.

Watch three Wellthy members share their unique stories and learn how Wellthy helped unburden them from the complex logistics of caring for their loved ones — so that they could focus on the moments that matter most.

A member of the sandwich generation, Kathy used Wellthy for caregiving situations involving her son, brother, and her father Jay. 


When James' wife suffered a knee injury, Wellthy Care Coordinators assisted with tasks such as finding in-home care and bill management. 

When her mother faced her final illness, Wellthy helped Nicole manage care including finding the right medical equipment for her home. 

These stories illustrate just a few of the ways in which we care for each other. Wellthy supports families across the full spectrum of care — including aging, chronic health conditions, mental health, special needs, childcare, and more. We can help with both acute or ongoing care situations, in any capacity, big or small. 

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