How Wellthy supports with legal activities of care

While Wellthy doesn’t provide legal advice, we can help our members with many of the administrative legal tasks that often come with caregiving. 

Whether it be for yourself or for your loved one - it’s always wise to  put legal documents and plans in place that will come in handy when facing a care situation. You can lean on Wellthy to guide you through the process. Your future self will thank you!


Examples of legal support Wellthy can provide

  • Recommend and evaluate legal service providers (eldercare attorneys, disability attorneys, estate planning attorneys)
  • Research resources and legal professionals for preparing legal documents related to caregiving (advanced health care directive, estate plan, living trust, power of attorney)
  • Share educational material related to conservatorships, powers of attorney, and guardianships as it pertains to caregiving
  • Recommend and evaluate legal support organizations
  • Uncover free and/or reduced-cost legal support and services
  • Review legal documents to simplify terminology and content
  • Answer questions related to legal documents, end-of-life preparation, legal care concepts, and local, federal and state laws
  • Provide tips for navigating conversations about legal care needs and end-of-life preparation while balancing family dynamics 


Examples of legal support Wellthy cannot provide

  • Offer legal advice - Wellthy can direct members and care recipients to relevant resources and services, but we cannot to provide direct legal consultation
  • Vet attorneys to bring a lawsuit against one of our partner organizations (employers, health plans, etc.)