End of Life

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Wellthy launches “End of Life” service line for members

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult moments that we face. On top of the loss and grief, there can be an extensive number of logistics and decisions that can feel overwhelming to manage.

Wellthy is launching its newest service for members focused on end of life and loss. Based on years of experience from our expert Care Team supporting families, as well as Wellthy’s recent acquisition of end-of-planning startup Lantern, we aim to provide families with compassionate support and solutions during one of the most difficult and complex moments in life.

Families can lean on Wellthy whether they’re planning ahead, caring for a loved one through their end of life journey, navigating a loss, or experiencing the grieving process. Below we’ll walk through a few questions about Wellthy’s new end of life and loss offering for members. As always, if you’re a Wellthy member navigating an end of life or loss situation right now, reach out to your dedicated care professional to get personalized support and access to a growing set of tools and resources.

Who is this service for and when should members consider utilizing it?

Wellthy’s expert Care Team and platform can be a resource for members on a number of fronts when it comes to end of life and loss. This includes individuals and families who are:

  • Caring for a loved one on their end of life journey;
  • Managing a loss right now and need support to navigate near-term logistical, administrative, and financial questions;
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one or helping someone who is grieving;
  • Facing pregnancy or postpartum loss;
  • Planning ahead — and not just when tragedy strikes, but in the months or even years ahead as you’re thinking about your future and your family’s future

How can Wellthy support members with end of life and loss situations?

There are numerous ways Wellthy can support families navigate end of life and loss. These include:

  • Planning for end of life: Wellthy’s team can help families proactively plan ahead for end of life and loss by providing guidance on starting the process and having conversations with loved ones; sharing resources for preparing a will, advanced directive, healthcare power of attorney, or documenting wishes for end of life; finding and vetting estate attorneys and other legal resources; and offering tools and checklists to plan and keep everything organized.
  • Care support during end of life: In immediate moments toward the end of life, Wellthy can support families by vetting providers for comfort care services such as hospice, palliative care, or death doulas; schedule and track medical appointments; explore options and arrange respite care for caregivers; and liaise with insurance providers to verify coverage for any comfort care needs.
  • Managing a loss: Wellthy can support with identifying or resolving any outstanding bills or insurance claims; explore resources for closing accounts and managing digital assets; navigate survivor benefits through U.S. Social Security, the VA, employer unions, and more; and evaluate funeral and burial options and coverage or find additional legal and financial support resources.
  • Grief support: For those navigating the grief process, Wellthy can identify community support groups and counseling; share resources and advice for coping, self-care, and emotional well-being; connect families with employer-sponsored mental health and bereavement resources; and arrange meal delivery services for families grieving a loss.
  • Pregnancy and postpartum loss: Wellthy can help vet and schedule appointments with the right providers and specialists for both parents; and help with grief resources or locating community groups; identify lactation after loss services.