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Wellthy's care support for any work model

Return to office and ever-changing work schedules have created uncertainty, anxiety, and new challenges for working individuals — especially those who are also caring for loved ones at home.

No matter the work model, Wellthy’s care concierge support provides peace of mind when balancing caregiving responsibilities with a career.

In person work

  • Wellthy can support those who are transitioning back to the office by sourcing
and vetting in-home aides, childcare, nannies, and more.
  • If a caregiver needs to isolate from their loved ones, Wellthy can find backup up care, set up food or prescription delivery, and create backup plans for routine treatments.
  • If you or a loved one gets sick, Wellthy can provide the latest COVID-19 resources, help schedule appointments, navigate insurance coverage, and contest medical bills.

Hybrid model

  • Wellthy can support in finding flexible and reliable care solutions that meet individuals’ scheduling needs.
  • Wellthy coordinates with other company benefit programs to ensure employees are leveraging all of the resources available to them.

Remote work

  • Wellthy’s concierge-level support can reduce stress and ease the emotional burden of caregiving by taking the administrative tasks of care off of families’ plates.
  • Wellthy can support remote workers’ mental health by vetting therapy and counseling providers, navigating in-network options, and advocating for special accommodations.