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Wellthy and New York Life Group Benefit Soultions announce partnership

Why we're teaming up to support caregiving employees

We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with New York Life Group Benefit Solutions, a leader in the group insurance market.

Through the partnership, we’re collaborating to offer our shared clients more timely and coordinated access to much-needed caregiving services and support. Together, we'll help more employers support and retain caregiving employees and improve workplace productivity.

Employee Benefit News interviewed Co-founder and CEO, Lindsay Jurist-Rosner, to learn more about why this partnership is so important:

“Caregivers live with a constant sense of uncertainty and a fear of the future. There are so many employees using leaves of absence for caregiving and this partnership provides a more comprehensive solution to employers. For some employees, leave is an option, but maybe it makes more sense for that employee to get some targeted support.”

In fact, 1 in 3 employees working with Wellthy say we helped them prevent taking a leave or resigning from their role. 9 in 10 say they were less stress/ more engaged at work, and 2 in 3 say they've missed fewer meetings or work days thanks to Wellthy's support. For employees who do make the difficult decision to take leave, Wellthy remains by their side — supporting the leave process and continuing to address their family's care needs while on leave.

Read the full press release here.