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6 Questions with Nabeel Meghji, Wellthy’s new Chief Product Officer

Nabeel Meghji has spent more than a decade building technology and leading product teams for high-growth healthcare startups. 

From companies like Sonderhealth where he served as Chief Product Officer driving technology to expand access to personalized mental health support, to DispatchHealth where as Chief Product Officer he led a team enabling mobile and virtual healthcare, Nabeel has been on the frontlines of fast-growing healthcare product development. 

He’s now bringing this depth of experience and leadership to oversee Wellthy’s product. He joined Wellthy as Chief Product Officer early January 2023, as Wellthy begins a year with product tools and care support covering two million lives. 

We asked Nabeel what has him so inspired about joining Wellthy’s team, how he sees product and technology helping to solve an increasingly complex caregiving crisis, and what some of his personal passions and priorities are when he’s not immersed in product. Check out his answers and insights below.

What excites you most about the mission and focus of Wellthy?

So many of us have caregiving stories – or if we don’t yet, we one day will. Wellthy works to give people solutions so that these caregiving journeys don’t become overwhelming or all-consuming. In my first few days here, I’ve heard and seen stories of how this work has been invaluable. People tell us that our work made them feel less helpless and alone, and company leaders tell us that we’ve been there for their employees in times of need. It’s incredibly exciting to be part of a company that has such a rich human experience of helping people at its core, and doing so by leveraging the power of technology too.

How do you see technology/product touching the world of caregiving?

Technology is the perfect pairing for the empathetic, human-centered care provided by Wellthy. Caregiving is such a personal experience. Each person goes through their own journey. Technology can support the caregiving journey by crafting a personalized experience leveraging data and insights, creating a community with other caregivers, and allowing our experts to work more collaboratively and effectively with families.

What do you think is one of the most urgent challenges facing those trying to solve America’s care crisis? 

90 million employees in just the U.S. alone are providing some kind of unpaid care to a loved one on top of their actual jobs. That is entirely unsustainable, and if we don’t figure out the most urgent and critical ways to help and support these folks so that they can stay in the workforce and get their loved ones the care they require, we are going to see more labor shortages and more gaps in staffing across every sector. And on the individual side, people will see less income for themselves and their families, which will result in huge financial burdens that will impact their life choices.

What’s a lesson you’ve learned over years of product leadership in the healthcare sector?

I’ve spent more than a decade at high-growth startups, especially in the healthcare space, and two things stand out to me: healthcare is nuanced, hairy, and doesn’t follow the normal patterns of other industries – which means we have a lot of opportunity to create delightful experiences for our users; and there is a lot of data that is being generated in and around healthcare which we should leverage to create amazing experiences for users, drive better outcomes, and reduce the cost of care.

As we start 2023 off, what’s a goal you have for where you want to see Wellthy’s technology go?

I want Wellthy to continue to leverage its product expertise to make planning for caregiving journeys all the more easier, efficient, and effective. We have the capacity to keep sharpening and adding to our product toolset in ways that will help people everywhere prepare and be ready for caregiving journeys. We also have an opportunity to continue to leverage the power of our scale by building a community for caregivers to share and learn from each other.

In your life outside of Wellthy, what brings you joy and/or what drives your passions?

I love spending time with my kids and family enjoying the outdoors in Colorado – hiking and camping in the summers and skiing in the winters. I am an avid sports fan and love watching my favorite teams play, or you will find me playing on the soccer fields or tennis courts. Lastly, I love supporting other organizations and serving on a few boards.