Caregiving Tips

Mental Health

How Wellthy supports with mental health well-being and care

Preserving mental well-being looks different for everyone, and should be a constant practice throughout all of our lives. Even so, it often falls to the wayside behind work demands, personal life, and of course, caregiving responsibilities.  

Whether you are managing mental health care needs for a loved one, or yourself — Wellthy is here to help. Below are some of the ways our experts can step in to support. 

Preserving one’s own mental health

  • Evaluate your other employee benefit programs that might have services to help you and facilitate a warm transfer
  • Explore community-based resources and well-being programs
  • Provide ongoing check-ins and support as needed

Overcoming mental health challenges brought on by caregiving

  • Locate in-person and online support groups
  • Recommend respite care options and daily well-being practices for family caregivers
  • Advocate for necessary absence or leave from work

Caring for a loved one’s mental health

  • Finding the right mental health care provider or in-patient/out-patient program and schedule appointments
  • Verify insurance coverage and uncover alternative payment options
  • Navigate in-network and out-of-network treatment options
  • Explore alternative therapy options