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Wellthy launches new “Teen Support” service for members

Caring for a teen in today’s world can be complex, with families facing a wide range of ever-evolving issues: social media, academic support, substance abuse, bullying, mental health, and so much more. Navigating these challenges can be a stressful journey for parents and guardians.

That’s why Wellthy is excited to launch Teen Support – an unparalleled solution for members that blends personalized care concierge services with a wealth of self-serve, educational resources to help families do the most important thing they can do for their teens: raise them to be healthy, functioning adults.

Read more below about Wellthy’s new Teen Support offering, why it is so timely and urgent for parents and guardians, and how it will help families navigate the complexities of teenage years.

What is Teen Support?

For parents or guardians of teenagers that need help in addressing the unique challenges teenagers face today, Teen Support by Wellthy will provide one-on-one, personalized support to families – equipping individuals with educational content, resources, and recommendations to successfully care for teenagers.

Wellthy’s team of care experts – who are on the frontlines with families helping them navigate care needs every day – are working closely with teen expert and counselor Rebecca Kullback on a wide range of content and curricula that will pair with Wellthy’s world-class personalized care concierge services. Teen Support will empower parents and guardians with the knowledge, strategies, and expert support they need to navigate the unique challenges of raising a teen.

From academic planning, mental health, and sexual education, to stress management and social connections, Wellthy’s new Teen Support offering will have it covered.

Why does Teen Support meet today’s urgent moment?

Just last month the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a groundbreaking report based on a sweeping set of surveys of American high school students showing the breadth of issues facing families of teenagers today – including substance use, mental health challenges, exposure to violence in communities, and more. And it was also just the latest in a wave of research that paints a challenging picture for families.

Forty percent of parents say they are extremely or very worried that their teen might struggle with anxiety or depression, and a whopping 77 percent of parents say teens today have to deal with a completely different set of issues than they did in the past. Meanwhile, nearly one-third of all teens report feeling depressed or sad as a result of stress, and 36 percent say they've experienced some form of cyberbullying from social media.

There couldn’t be a more urgent moment to provide families of teenagers with the educational materials, resources, innovative technology, and personalized care concierge support necessary to navigate the complex world facing teenagers today.

What types of situations can Wellthy’s Teen Support help families navigate?

Simply put, any member who needs help raising a teen will be able to turn to Wellthy’s Teen Support offering. A few examples of areas where Wellthy can help:

  • Academic and tutoring support for teens: sourcing and vetting tutors and tutoring agencies, finding SAT and ACT prep coaches, and evaluating academic mentorship programs;
  • Substance use support services: helping parents navigate conversations around substance use, finding support groups for teens and parents, and locating and vetting providers or treatment facilities;
  • Mental health services for teens: identifying and vetting therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, crisis support services, treatment facilities, and more;
  • Life coaching resources: connecting families with life skills coaches/teachers – including academic success, anxiety reduction, self exploration, financial literacy, and more;
  • LGBTQ+ support services: identifying and vetting LGBTQ+ providers, therapists, and advocates, as well as finding support groups for teens and parents, and supporting gender identity-related needs;
  • Health and wellness education resources: identifying resources to promote health and wellness education on topics such as eating disorders, stress management, sexual health, and more; 

And that’s just a snapshot – our team of care professionals provides personalized, one-on-one support to best meet every family’s needs.

If you’re a Wellthy member raising a teenager, reach out to your dedicated care professional to get personalized support and access to a growing set of tools and resources.