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Companies that care support caregivers

Last month, PEOPLE Magazine and Great Place to Work revealed their list of “100 Companies that Care” for 2022. The list celebrates 100 companies that display “remarkable care for their people, their local communities, and the world at large.” 

Reviewing the list, one thing quickly becomes clear: companies that care are companies that support caregivers. Seven of the companies featured have prioritized the wellbeing of their caregiving employees by partnering with Wellthy, including Salesforce, Hilton, and Cisco.

Great Place to Work creates lists based on in-depth analysis of employee surveys, which include questions about perceptions of management, work-life balance, benefits, and corporate culture. The presence of seven Wellthy partners on the list showcases the extent to which employer support for caregivers can be a foundational building block for a supportive workplace. 

With around three in four employees in the United States managing caregiving responsibilities, supporting caregivers can have a major impact on creating an engaged workforce. It’s also becoming essential to maintaining that workforce. A Harvard Business School survey found that nearly one-third of employees have voluntarily left a job during their career due to caregiving responsibilities. 

By providing employees with a service that helps them manage the administrative and logistical challenges of caregiving, employers can not only lay the groundwork for a better work environment, but substantially improve employee retention.

Great Place to Work data demonstrates how caregiving support correlates with a favorable opinion of work by employees. Employees at companies that partner with Wellthy have highly positive opinions about their employer, with 97 percent of Hiilton employees, 96 percent of Cisco employees, and 90 percent of Salesforce employees saying that their employers have created great places to work. Across the board, employees at Salesforce, Hilton, and Cisco all mention “benefits” as one of the major things that is great about their workplace. 

This isn’t specific to these three companies. Wellthy customers continually show up on lists recognizing top workplaces, because Wellthy members feel supported and appreciative of the caregiving support they receive. 


"The help that [Wellthy] has provided for me and my Mom has given us some peace by knowing that someone is there to support us when we’re struggling to figure it all out on our own and we’re getting tired of trying to figure it out,” one employee said. “We feel like we have an advocate and someone who cares."


Caregiving benefits are especially critical considering that American caregivers are accustomed to feeling unsupported at work – only about half of caregiving employees say that their direct managers are aware of their responsibilities. By embracing caregiving support solutions like Wellthy, employers allow employees to be their true selves at work and open the door to a more vibrant workplace.  

The most recent “Companies that Care” list shows that employees absolutely recognize caregiving support as a differentiator for their work. Caregivers everywhere have experienced the struggles of not feeling supported at their jobs, and are eager to work for companies that allow them to flourish in all aspects of their lives.  

To build a corporate culture where all employees are engaged and feel ready to excel, companies should be ready to help their caregiving employees thrive. At Wellthy, we’re proud to be able to help corporations build a culture that supports caregivers, and we’re tremendously happy to see our partners celebrated for the cultures that they build.