The Top Question Families Ask

What is the right in-home help for Mom/Dad?

Families come to us for help finding the right person to take care of their parent. Every family is so different and people’s needs are very particular. My family is no exception...

Over the years, my family has hired a dozen different in-home “helpers” for Mom. Every time, it is a big decision and stressful process! This is a person coming into the home, touching Mom, and physically present much of the time. The “helper” must be trustworthy, with the right personality and demeanor, and have the right level of skill. AND on top of it (for my Mom), has to be a non-smoker, democrat, atheist, who enjoys discussing food… talk about specific, right?!

When Wellthy helps families...

We need to know

Level of care: does your loved one need help with daily activities like dressing and bathing? Does he/she need help administering medication or require lifting? Or maybe a companion to check-in, keep mom/dad engaged and give you peace of mind?

Time required: does your family want someone who can stop in a few days a week or someone who will be there around the clock?

Payment options: does your family intend on paying for the aide out-of-pocket or will you need help navigating financial programs to help cover the cost?

Personality and interests: what are your loved one’s favorite activities? Do they enjoy walks, puzzles, or political conversation? Is your family hoping that the “helper” will provide companionship instead of or in addition to physical care?

Finding the right person

We help a family find the exact right person using and other sources. If a family hires an individual directly, they can find the right match, and pay the aide about $10-$20 per hour. As a back-up, local agencies provide aides although it is often harder to find the perfect match and the price creeps up to over $25 per hour.

Financial assistance

We always get asked whether Medicare covers in-home support. Unfortunately, the answer is no. In some states, Medicaid covers in-home support.

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