Dementia/Alzheimer's is Icing on the Cake

Over the past couple of years, Wellthy has collected anonymous, aggregated data on hundreds of families' care projects. The data is directionally fascinating. Some of the most interesting is on the conditions of our "care recipients," specifically the co-occurrence of certain conditions.

According to our data, more than one quarter (25%) of people with Alzheimer's/Dementia have one or more additional conditions. Arthritis and Diabetes were among the most common conditions that overlap with Dementia. For example, one family is managing an elderly parent's Dementia, Depression, and Arthritis. Another family's loved one is a Cancer survivor who is now battling Alzheimer's, vision loss, and mobility problems.

Alzheimer's and Dementia are incredibly difficult conditions for families to navigate. The course of progression can be unpredictable and complicated. With Dementia, families deal with loved ones who wander, hoard, change personality, become belligerent, and don't remember them. On top of all of that, if they have additional medical conditions, families must manage numerous pills, specialists, bills, procedures, and devices too. Managing multiple medical conditions is incredibly difficult and complex. But adding Alzheimer's or Dementia to the mix creates a nearly impossible undertaking for even the most competent and functioning family to manage well.