Healthcare Insiders' Tips for Negotiating Bills

Should you try to negotiate your medical bills? The short answer: YES!

Medical bills are an enormous source of stress for many Americans and are the number one cause of personal bankruptcy. Wellthy’s Care Coordinators have helped our clients negotiate hundreds of thousands of dollars of bills, so we asked them to share their expert insider tips.

**Luci Belcher,** *specialist in long-term care, aging, health management from sunny California.*

  • “Don't take no for an answer! Billing departments are always willing to work with your bills in some form or fashion.”
  1. “If you do not have the finances to pay for a bill, tell the billing department you cannot pay the bill amount. Ask about discounts, hardship packages, or other deals. Sometimes you can receive a major discount or have a bill completely resolved just by asking!”

Jamie Udeh, caregiving expert with experience in inpatient / outpatient billing inquiries. She's from Florida and is bilingual!

  • “For those that have lost loved ones and are still receiving bills, you may be able to get these bills taken care of. Try sending a copy of the death certificate with a letter stating the date of deceased to the billing office. Or, have your coordinator call and handle this for you.”
  1. “Sometimes the insurance may not be fully billed. If there is a secondary insurance, confirm that the billing department is aware and that it was sent and processed through primary and secondary.”

  2. “There are payment options. Ask (especially for Cancer or dialysis related) if there is a grant to assist with the bill, or payment plan options.”

  3. “There are resources such as for medications which offers a copay assistance program.”

Don’t panic when you get a big bill! It might not be correctly or fully billed, and there’s definitely an opportunity to negotiate. Let us know if our team can help!