The Season of Stress

Get Time Back with Wellthy

The Fall feels like a mad dash to survive the rest of the year. Between back-to-school and prepping for the holiday season -- it can be tough to balance it all, especially for the "Sandwich Generation."

The "Sandwich Generation"? is made up of adults who are caring for their aging parents, while simultaneously looking after their own children. On top of managing households, these caregivers are often holding down jobs of their own. Juggling it all at once is impressive, and totally overwhelming -- getting pulled in many directions, feeling fried, and paying little attention to self.

Imagine getting time back. If only your calendar could free up a bit with a personal assistant to handle caregiving related tasks. Insert: Wellthy.

We take the logistical and administrative burden of caring for a loved one off your plate. Wellthy Care Coordinators become your family's partner and personal healthcare assistant (aha!) and work with families to create a plan and get tasks done. We let doctors and specialists focus on treating conditions, while taking on everything else (scheduling appointments, refilling prescriptions, handling prior authorizations, sourcing and vetting the right in-home aide, handling a move into a care facility, contesting insurance bills, and much more). We'll handle your caregiving tasks but that Thanksgiving shopping list/seating chart/holiday gift buying...well, that's on you!

Lean on Wellthy and get time back. Sign up and start working with a Wellthy Care Coordinator today!