What Equality Means to Us

As our website states, we've set out to take better care. Caring for families, loved ones, and each other is in our DNA. As a diverse team that supports families of all races, cultures, creeds, sexual orientations, and other beliefs, this feels intensely personal to us. We believe in the humanity of people, and work hard to provide better access to quality care for all.

So we stand with and acknowledge our Black colleagues, customers, and friends.

Here at Wellthy we will continue to look for ways to do our part - we will listen to our colleagues, customers, and partners, and talk openly. We’re committed to creating a world in which everyone feels safe and valued.

We’re putting together a cross-team task force to lead efforts in promoting an understanding and appreciation of diversity and inclusion - both internally and externally. Some of our goals include:

  • Foster discussions on equality, diversity, and inclusion that will better inform how we provide our service to families and partners from various backgrounds
  • Identify racist and prejudice healthcare incidents and develop response strategies that address racial and cultural sensitivity and respect (including medical providers who deny coverage for potentially race related reasons, prejudice views of in-home care providers based on their ethnic or cultural background, etc.)
  • Understand what Wellthy can do to fight for better healthcare access and education for communities that suffer more severely

We will continue to advocate, and above all else, listen. If you think our company can be doing better to make our customers and partners feel included and supported equally, please let us know.