Discharge Planning 101

A trip to the hospital is incredibly frightening. It is hard enough to process the hospitalization, let alone next steps. An effective discharge can create a smooth transition to a care facility or back home, and help decrease readmittance to the hospital.

A Journal of the American Geriatrics Society study showed that integrating family caregivers into the discharge planning process was associated with a 25% reduction in readmissions within 90 days of discharge, and a 24% reduction within 180 days.

Unfortunately, families don’t learn about the plan until discharge day, and they’re presented with the plan without the family’s input. We feel strongly that family caregivers should be involved in this process, and feel comfortable speaking up on behalf of their loved ones. Our Care Coordinators wanted to share some discharge planning tips for you and your family.

Download "Your Discharge Planning Checklist"

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