Caregiving from Afar

Caregiving from afar is more prevalent today than ever -- families are spread out, living across state lines and in different timezones. It’s hard enough to cope when your loved one has complex care needs, let alone trying to support at a distance.

It can be challenging to carry out certain caregiving tasks while living in a different state or town (or even in the same home!). And without the right support and resources, it can feel next to impossible. Not to mention incredibly stressful and expensive.

Check out the video above - it demos four key features of Wellthy's platform that help address the challenges of caring from afar.

Caregiving comes with its own set of hurdles, no matter the distance. Wellthy can support you and your families from the east coast to the west coast, and anywhere in between! Click 'Get Started' to work with a Care Coordinator today.