2017 Caregiving Impact Report

A Good Housekeeping Institute consumer survey was conducted in 2017 to determine the burden of health-related caregiving among average Americans. Overall, 2000+ people responded, with nearly 1/3rd (n=787) women reporting participating in caregiving activities for at least 30 minutes every week. In this subset of respondents, 43% spend more than an hour per week caregiving, while 48% report their attendant stress levels as being "a lot." The areas most stressful include: paying medical bills (25%), caring for sick/elderly relatives (16%), discovering insurance didn't cover what is wanted or needed (16%), and determining coverage (14%). Nearly half of the respondents felt positive about their interactions with the healthcare system on behalf of their dependents, but the majority reported issues of healthcare being too complicated, time-consuming, and insurance coverage as problematic. Additionally, nearly two thirds feel that caregiving efforts impact their career performance (25% report the impact is moderate to a lot). The most common work-related problems include having to take time off (33% of respondents), conflicts with scheduling and using office hours to get non-work items done. Nearly half of respondents do not feel they have their family's healthcare activities as "under control," with 17% endorsing the statement "I should be doing this for a living!"

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